Welcome to Alveley Primary School

Welcome to 'Little Squirrels ' Nursery page!

In EYFS at Alveley we aspire to help each child to enjoy school, be enthused and motivated and  be prepared and ready for the next stage of their learning journey into KS1.We encourage independence and responsibility in our learners through the clear structures and routines in place in Nursery and Reception and develop good learning behaviours that prepare the children well for learning in KS1 and beyond. We aim to teach and provide learning and real life experiences which ensure that all our children at Alveley start their life at school by benefitting from a full range of academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities.


Our Spring Term Learning

This half term in EYFS we have explored the theme of” farms”. We have enjoyed looking at wheat and reading The Little Red Hen, making our own farms using small world toys, and looking at different types of farms around the world in our Understanding the World sessions. We discovered there are cucumber farms and rice farms! We turned our role play area into a farmhouse and farm shop and enjoyed pretending to buy farm produce.

 To finish our topic, we had a special trip to the local shop to buy some foods which are produced by farms or from farm products-milk, butter, eggs, bread and vegetables. We wrote a shopping list to take with us and all went around the shop together to find everything on our list. We paid at the till, waited for our receipt and then the very kind shopkeeper gave us some sweets to share as we had been so good doing our shopping! When we went back to school, we made toast with the bread and had a glass of milk with it.

Our Autumn Term Learning

This half term we have enjoyed our topic of Traditional Tales. We have explored stories including The little red Hen, The Gingerbread man and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We have made our own bread like the Little Red Hen and baked gingerbread men to eat too. We had a wonderful trip to the Chapel tearooms where we met Grandma from Little red riding Hood! She read us a lovely story and we had some squash and cakes before we went back to school. On the way we, looked out for the Big Bad Wolf hiding in the bushes! When we read the story of Goldilocks we decided to make our own porridge to taste, and design our own toppings for Baby Bears porridge.In literacy we wrote sorry letters from Goldilocks to the 3 Bears and our own recipes for gingerbread men. Towards Christmas we started practising our Nativity and learnt new songs and all enjoyed dressing up to perform for our families and friends at the church.