Welcome to Alveley Primary School

Rainbow Artwork

PUPILS at a village primary school near Bridgnorth have been busy making sure their place of education stays bright and colourful throughout the lockdown period.

As rainbows and other colourful drawings emerge in all corners of Shropshire, passers-by at Alveley Primary School now have an array of pictures to admire while they are out and about. The project was started by the school and involves pupils, parents, carers and associates drawing a rainbow, star or other uplifting image and hanging it around the school’s blue fence. These provide a positive message to those passing the school grounds while on an essential journey or daily exercise.

Members of Sunshine Corner playgroup and Alveley Youth Club have also taken part. Catherine Coleman, assistant headteacher, said: “We hope that this project captures the sense of community which is at the heart of our school and is a visual representation of our hope and togetherness at this time, while everyone is isolating. “The rainbows have been created by children at home with parents and carers as well as by children of key workers who have been in school. “The village playgroup, Sunshine Corner, and Alveley Youth Club have also been involved in the project.”