Welcome to Alveley Primary School

Early Years Country Park Trip

Our trip today was a great success! We started off with a story, "One Snowy Night" about all the animals and Percy the park keeper and then Ed the ranger took us on a hunt for animal homes. We found all sorts of bugs under leaves and logs and we saw lots of mole hills in the meadow. We also looked at some of the bird houses at the park. After a quick snack we made wooden bird houses to decorate back at school and clay hedgehogs using sticks we found. Everyone was ready for lunch then so we had our picnic then a play on the playground. After lunch we went back to the woods to make our own animal homes using leaves and sticks. James the ranger talked to us all about the different animals and bugs which might like to live in our homes we made. We also thought about where different animals live at the park- up trees, underground, in holes etc. We finished the day with a scavenger hunt, great fun! A big thankyou to all the Country Park staff for making us so welcome and all the parents who came along on the day to help and were so enthusiastic with all the activities! But most of all thankyou to all the children who were absolute superstars all day! Ed said you were some of the most knowledgeable children he'd had! Well done!