Welcome to Alveley Primary School


We have had a brilliant time in EYFS today learning all about Diwali and having a Diwali party! We learnt that people wear their best clothes and dance at Diwali celebrations so we dressed up in 'party' clothes to do some bhangra dancing to special dance music and we joined in with the drumming with our own instruments and made lots of noise! We learnt that people have fireworks to celebrate Diwali so we went outside and had a go a making an enormous firework picture with spray painting and splatter painting, it really looks like fireworks! We watched how people prepare and share lovely party food at Diwali and we were very lucky to be given some food by the restaurant 'Chutneys' in Alveley, vegetarian samosas and bhajis ,poppadum's and naan bread, it was very yummy! Many thanks to the kind people who made it for us!! To finish our day we lit the beautiful diva lamps we had made and decorated and then we listened to the traditional Diwali story of Rama and Sita. We all loved sitting quietly and looking at the pretty candles. We had such a busy day and so much fun!