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Bridgnorth Schools join Education Trust

A new partnership of four schools has been established under the Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust.  The Trust was founded in 2015 by Oldbury Wells School to provide an academy group that would serve a local school network.  The latest schools to join the Trust are Castlefields Primary School and St Leonards CE  Primary School.

“Both of our schools are due to join the Trust on the 1st November when the legal process will be completed,” explained Headteacher Jackie Hampson from Castlefields School. ”We will continue to work as independent schools, as we are now, but we will be joined together as a new family group.”

“We are thrilled to have two such excellent schools joining our Trust,” explained Sarah Godden Executive Head of the Trust.  “Both Castlefields and St Leonards are great schools.  They both have professional and dedicated staff, very successful pupils and strong effective leadership.  We have worked together informally for many years and now look forward to the benefits to our students that will come from closer teamwork.”

Pupils from the four schools met together today for a Maths Masterclass held at Oldbury Wells School.  Maths Masterclasses for year 6 pupils are a regular feature at the school, with able mathematicians coming together from several local schools.  They were joined today by Headteachers and Governors from the four schools, to mark the occasion. 

Kay Ferriday, Headteacher of St Leonards said, “Today was a day of celebration in Bridgnorth town.  It is an important development for us at St Leonards and also for education in our town.  I look forward to working with my fellow headteachers, to be part of shaping our schools' futures."

Alveley Primary School joined the Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust in 2016 and has enjoyed a good boost to standards and to the quality of education for its pupils.  The school has increased in popularity over the past year and is oversubscribed in some year groups; it is proud of the rapid improvements it is making for its pupils.

The education Trust was established with the purpose of supporting and coordinating local education.  It was founded on the belief that schools are stronger and can achieve more for their pupils when they work together.  As such the Trust’s logo was designed to reflect that view, with individual coloured arches that together make up a bridge.