Our Governing Body is a strong and committed group of people who are very much involved in the running of the school and have a real stake in the education offered to our children.  Their support and enthusiasm enhances and strengthens the systems and policies we adhere to as we continue to move forward.

The school governing body is made up of community governors, staff governors and parent governors.


Trust Board and Members of Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust                                                   

Board of Trustees / Directors (September 2018)


Mark Anderson (Member Director)

Geoff Baker (Member Director)

Allen Crawford Thomas (Academy Director)

Donovan Gibbons (Academy Director: Diocese

Sarah  Godden (Executive Headteacher)

Nick Hooper (Member Director)

Vince Jones (Member Director and Vice Chair)

Judy Mondon (Member Director: Diocese and Chair)

Rose Patey (Academy Director: Diocese)


Members of Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust

Ray Gill

Karen Howells

Colin McLoughlin

Judy Mondon

David Ravenscroft



Alveley Local Governing Body

Geoff Baker (Board Appointed Governor and Chair)

Sarah Godden (Executive Headteacher)

Penny Jenkins (Board Appointed Governor)

Bruce Brown (Board Appointed Governor)

Paul O’Malley (Head of School)

Richard Twigg (Parent Governor)

Neil Dunlop (Parent Governor)

Catherine Coleman (Staff Governor)


Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust: Committee membership 2017/18

 Alveley Primary School Local Governing Body


Bridgnorth Area Schools’ Trust: Register of Governors’ Business and Pecuniary Interests 2017/2018

Alveley Primary School Local Governing Body

 Scheme of Delegation for Alveley Primary School and BAST

Dates of Meetings of Alveley Local Governing Body 2018

All meetings will be held at 5pm at Alveley Primary School

  • Monday 19th March 2018
  • Monday 25th June 2018
  • Monday 9th July 2018 

Dates of Meetings of Alveley Local Governing Body 2018/19

  • Monday 17th September 2018
  • Monday 26th November 2018
  • Monday 21st january 2019
  • Monday 18th March 2019
  • MOnday 15th July 2019


BAST Supplemental Funding Agreement

BAST Master Funding Agreement

BAST Acadamies Financial Handbook

BAST Final Accounts

BAST Final Articles