School Uniform

Winter Uniform (Autumn and Spring Term)


Royal blue V-Neck Sweatshirt with school logo*

Grey Skirt/Trousers (girls may wear trousers)

White polo shirt*

White Shirt to be worn with a school tie

Grey/Black socks/tights

Black shoes


Summer Uniform (Summer Term)


Royal black v-neck sweatshirt with school logo*

White Polo Shirt*

White shirt to be worn with school tie

Grey trousers/short trousers

Grey skirt

Alternatively girls may wear a blue check or striped summer dress

Grey/white socks

Black shoes


P.E/ Games Uniform

White T shirt with school logo*

Royal blue shorts*

Navy Shorts

Navy Skort

Navy Hoody

Navy Jogging bottoms

Royal blue fleece for outdoor games*

Royal blue jogging bottoms

Black/white plimsolls for indoor wear

Trainers or football boots for outdoor games

One piece swimming suit for girls

Swimming trunks for boys.




Trainers should not be worn as part of the daily uniform.

Skirts and dresses should be of a reasonable length and flowing.

Jogging bottoms should only be worn as part of P.E. kit.


* These items may be ordered through the school supplier.


Small variations to the items listed above may be considered acceptable under certain circumstances, e.g. towards the end of Year 6 prior to transferring to the High School. As a matter of courtesy the school should be consulted on any deviations.


We made a few changes to our school uniform which became effective in September 2013. 

We now have available a new style of navy shorts for P.E and navy skorts for the girls. A navy blue hoody and navy joggers are also available. 

Along side the present uniform, children wishing to wear white shirts are now offered a blue tie and yellow. Children wearing polo shirts need not wear a tie.

All of the above uniform as well as the regular uniform can be purchased through the school office or directly from Stiches in Bridgnorth. Any other information about the uniform please enquire at the school office .

Below are a few images of the new uniform.