Sports Premium 18/19

Sports Premium 18/19

Alveley Primary School   Sports Premium  

A wide range of PE is delivered to pupils at Alveley Primary School. We ensure the inclusion of all children in school. Our sport delivery is provided in the following ways:

  • During the school day during lessons.
  • During playtimes
  • During extra- curricular clubs organised by school
  • During extra- curricular clubs we buy in

 Opportunities we currently provide include:


Netball (high 5)

Tag rugby




Multi sports











How is sport organised at Alveley Primary school?

Teachers lead PE lessons. Outside of whole class PE, we employ a specialist coach to enhance our provision and to ensure high quality teaching. This is funded through the school budget.

We provide sports equipment during playtimes to encourage children to participate in active play and to allow all children to try out sporting activities in a relaxed atmosphere. Year 6 bronze ambassadors and staff help to deliver sporting activity.

We provide extra-curricular activities through club provision with Mr Smith and separately through Mrs Price. We encourage all children to try new activities here and then participate later through inter school events. Our club provision has become sustainable due to the use of sports premium.

What else do we do to enhance sport?

We are part of the East Shropshire PE and Schools Sport Partnership, which brings together local primary schools and secondary schools. We are active participants in the partnership, which has proved itself to be the best organisation, winning 9 of the last 13 county games. The organisation provides high quality training, but most importantly, improves our intra and inter-school sport participation

Our participation in the partnership also promotes participation for children who need encouragement to enjoy sport and earned us a bronze award at the 2018 school games award. This is a benchmark of our progress in the numbers of children taking up the opportunities. The sporting calendar is organised across the partnership and we can compare our levels of participation and uptake with other schools.

We monitor participation and check gender uptake and inclusion (FSM and SEN). We frequently target low participation groups to ensure all children across the partnership are participating and enjoying a wide range of sporting activities. As part of this, we work with a community tennis coach on Fridays to teach vulnerable groups and boost their confidence.



Our current focus for training is to develop the role of sports coach and bronze ambassador mentor.

This will improve our delivery further with a second adult able to attend all sports events.



Parents are encouraged to come along and support events.

Barriers identified which we will use sports premium to develop in future years.

Funding to release class teacher for competitions

Transport costs

Professional development

Governors have worked with the Head teacher to develop a plan for expenditure of the sports grant for 2018-19. This reflects school self-evaluation priorities where possible. Governors monitor the impact of expenditure to ensure we are improving through appropriate use of this funding. The sports partnership offers advice to the family of schools to ensure the needs of pupils in our local area are addressed. Working collaboratively with other schools ensures we have good value for money and high quality provision.


What will we be doing differently because of the sports grant monies?


What will success look like?

To improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE

All PE provision will be good or better.

All children to show their techniques learnt as a skill in a match or performance situation.

Improve the health and fitness of pupils

Children will all participate in PE

Children will all participate in the weekly mile.

Increase the opportunities on offer and provide sports which appeal to all children

A second extracurricular club to ensure that all children have an opportunity to attend sports.

Improve resources

Equipment, appropriate kit and transport will be provided to increase participation

High participation in inter schools and intra school events

Maintain schools games awards

Records will show maintenance of high participation levels

Give children opportunities for leadership

We will have Bronze ambassadors and play leaders arranging activities and events to engage children in physical activity













Alveley Primary Sports Premium Year: September 2018 – August 2019

Amount of £16,000 + £10 per pupil                   = £16,940

Balance brought forward from last academic year = £3,000 (unused from playground development)

                                                                 Total =   £20,350


Success criteria



Membership to the Sports Partnership


Increase participation for all pupils and target groups.



Sustain last year’s participation in interschool events and festivals through annual calendar of events.

Develop change for life and bronze ambassadors.

Target low participation groups.

Target Silver School Games award.

PE professional development for all staff in Autumn term.

To fund transport to Sports Partnership events in order to facilitate participation

Ensure access to all events is facilitated.



Sustain participation in interschool events and festivals through annual calendar of events.

Professional Development 3 days for PE coordinator to attend sports partnership training.

Professional development needs are addressed across the school.



Practical support for events and planning increases participation. Staff are more confident in teaching P.E.

Teaching Assistant (TA) sport leader

The quality of break time games to be led by TA and bronze ambassadors.


Children are provided with greater opportunities for play in a richer and stimulating environment.

TA to attend inter school sports events.

Support and mentor the bronze ambassadors

Personal professional development to upskill the TA.

To provide 3 intra school tournaments throughout the year.

To oversee the ‘weekly mile’.

New sports equipment

Children have access to necessary equipment to develop Gym skills


Gymnastics equipment to further develop on last years skills.

Balls, pumps and cones to support outdoor PE.

Resource Development

Playground is developed to provide a richer variety of resources to aid play


Children are provided with greater opportunities for play in a richer and stimulating environment.


Swimming costs

All KS2 children access 6 week swimming lessons


All Ks2 children able to access swimming lessons in this school year .