Impact Statement 2017 - 2018

Impact Statement of Sports Premium Funding by R Smith


  1. Membership to the Sports Partnership

+ 2) To fund transport to Sports Partnership events in order to facilitate participation.

+ 3) Professional Development 3 days for PE coordinator to attend sports partnership training. IMPACT


  • Autumn 12 events – 10 bus

  • Spring 5 events – 5 bus

  • Summer 7 events – 6 bus

Over the school year, Alveley have entered 24 sports events, using the bus for 21 of them.

Entering 6 – 14 children per event: which results in over 200 occasions children participated in 14 different events.

  • Over 40 children participated in events.

  • Increase in 20 events on last year where children just entered the cross country only.

  • Won medals in Change4life and cross-country.

  • OWS PE teacher taught PE to whole school, making links to secondary ready UKS2 and upskilling teachers.

  • Y6 swimming lessons.


Class teacher attended planning days to organise events, risk assessments and survey transport for moving children on the site.

Class teacher to be upskilled in bronze silver gold awards and requirements, and start to roll out requirements ready for September 2018 participation.



4) TA play leader for breaks and lunch time IMPACT


  • Started a new lunchtime clubs run by UKS2 children and supervised by lunch superviser.

  • Lunch club participation to be recorded so that all children participate in sports from 2018 – 19.

  • Children have been exposed to a range of individual balance, movement and ball games.

  • School will trial a monthly mile, to start in September – childrens’ times will be recorded and measured and go towards our bronze award.

  • Teaching leadership and organisational skills to UKS2 to run the clubs.

  • Helped introduce a range of sport for years 1-4 so they get taster sessions of new sports.

  • TA trained by CT in PE programme and now leading school sports matches, upskilling herself on an NVQ and creating action points ready for improvements for next year’s participation.




5) Gym equipment IMPACT


  • New gym equipment for children to participate in gymnastics has improved the quality of PE lessons observed this year.

  • Able to access curriculum more successfully for KS1 balance and movement on a range of points of the body.

  • Children safely perform basic gymnastics moves and routines.

  • Children have performed gymnastics at inter school events.


6) New sports kit- IMPACT

  • Children able to attend sporting events in a uniformed Alveley Primary branded clothing.

  • Children look smarter and feel more pride and professional and feel motivated to represent the school in from of children and parents of other local schools.

  • Pride in sports ambassadors role of coordinating kit and storing safely.



7) Playground Development IMPACT – too early to review



  • New equipment ordered for playground to be installed Summer 2018.

  • Children will have alternative activities to football on a daily basis.

  • Impact will be seen 2018-19