Impact statement 2016-2017

Impact Statement Pupil Premium 2016- 2017

In KS1 SATs 3 out of 4 PPG   children made expected progress in all areas.

IN KS2 SATs 2 out of 2 children made expected progress for reading, writing, and 1 out of 2 children made expected progress for maths.

Teaching Assistants were employed effectively to enable the Class Teachers to give 1 to 1 support where needed and 1 to 1 feedback on how to improve.

Targeted intervention work was very effective in accelerating progress , in every area, for all vulnerable children across the school as well as at the end of each Key Stage.

Attainment Comparison for all PPG in school 2016/2017 Autumn Vs 2017/2018 Autumn


2016/2017 Autumn Assessment

                  2017/2018 Autumn Assessment


Below 42%      Emerge 58%

               Emerge 56%    Develop 19%   Secure 25%


Below 58%     Emerge 42%

               Emerge 69%    Develop 31%


Below 58%      Emerge 42%

               Emerge 63%    Develop 19%     Secure 19%


  • PPG children are now finishing Autumn Term at least emerging for their appropriate year group. They have closed the attainment gap in one year.

  • A third of PPG children are making more than expected progress in one term now (2017/2018 Autumn)


  • 2 year strategy for school improvement set by new leadership team

  • Quality first teaching

  • Staff training

  • Visits to other schools

  • Educational consultant

  • Prioritised work

  • New monitoring and assessment system half termly for all children

  • Rewards and new Behaviour for learning strategy

  • Daily intervention strategy

  • Free breakfast club

  • Effective EWO intervention



  • Gaps between eligible pupils and others is narrowing.

  • Gap between National figures and school figures is closing.

  • Attendance shows continued improvement


Next Steps

The positive steps taken throughout this strategy have had a real impact and will need to be continued.


  • Further increase % of PPG making expected progress

  • Target PPG to make more than expected progress.

  • Further Increase attendance of PPG Pupils to be closer in line with National

  • Continue with aspirational trips, focusing on giving pupils’ ideas and direction to help them reach their goals.