Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class!

In Oak class; we have year 5/6 children and two teachers.

Each morning we do Literacy and Maths with a range of other subjects during the afternoons. Each term we follow a topic and plan our lessons creatively linked. Our current topic is Ancient Greece. We are planning on a trip to the pioneer centre for an activity day this term. We know it will be a lovely experience for the children.

We have a range of experiences including  trips out, special days and an end of year production. We also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities - competing and working with other schools. These include: rounders, dance, orienteering, tag rugby, netball, football, mutli sports, cricket, cross country and hockey.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the children devlop and grow over the year.

Please get in touch or pop in, if you have any questions or would like to chat about anything.

Many thanks

Mrs A M Kinnersley


Spring Term

On Thursday 28th March 2019, Oak Class (Years 5 & 6) enjoyed a visit to the Wild Zoo.

We were very lucky with the warm weather and enjoyed plenty of sunshine for our class visit. First, we explored the zoo in small groups, which included walking through the emu and wallaby area and the lemur enclosure. We also had the chance to feed some of these animals. Next, Oak pupils had the opportunity to handle a range of animals: red-footed tortoises, snakes, hedgehogs, lizards, geckos, a giant millipede and a tarantula. Well done to so many of the pupils who overcame their personal fears and worries and were brave enough to hold a snake or tarantula.

After lunch, we enjoyed a spectacular bird show in the amphitheatre. We were amazed by the range of free-flying birds that flew low over our heads and then soared across the surrounding fields. We saw owls, vultures, parrots, an eagle and a kite. After the bird show, we enjoyed an animal show. Some brave ‘volunteers’ held a 2 metre-long, albino, Burmese python; it was only a baby and would grow to double the size! We then saw a Cayman crocodile and a skunk. The final animal was a bearcat (Binturong) that spends most of the day high up in trees.

Oak class had a very interesting and enjoyable visit to the Wild Zoo. The pupils behaved excellently and were fully engaged in all the activities that reinforced our learning from science lessons. Wild Zoo staff commented that we were the best school group because the pupils’ engagement and scientific knowledge was excellent (as well as their behaviour). Well done Oak Class! Thank you to our parent volunteers for supporting Oak Class during the visit.

We are still enjoying remembering our visit to the Wild Zoo as we having been writing recounts about the trip in our English lessons.





Autumn Term

We've already had a super busy start to the term. School councillors have been ellected and many of the year 6 jobs have now been allocated. We started the week with a brilliant circuits PE lesson with Miss Massey. The children worked really hard and had a great time.





Oak class have been working on short and long division strategies. It was challenging but the children worked hard to master the methods. We had a fabulous lesson,  where we worked collaborately to solve reasoning questions.

Mrs Kinnersley was pleased we were able to help each other and discuss the steps it takes to solve a problem. We need to use the words convince me, to consider how we find an answer.

We are looking forward to our Pioneer day trip coming up in November- watch this space......


 WHAT A FABULOUS DAY! On Tuesday 6th November Oak class visited to the Pioneer centre near Cleobury Mortimer. We had a fun filled and exhausting day, participating in Abseiling, Zip Wire, Archery and the big bounce ( a huge room filled with bouncy castles and obstacle courses.) The children behaved well and really challenged themselves. They also supported each other and encouraged peers to over come their fears. This was a proud moment for us all. Well done Oak!

 Getting ready for Abseiling.